March 6 – Hawfinch Still in Anchorage

This morning I picked up Yve Morrell, the Dancing Birder, who is doing an ABA big year, and went with her to the Anchorage home where the Hawfinch was originally found. Not very long after we got there, the Hawfinch, which had been there earlier but had left before we arrived, returned and began munching at one of the feeders.  Although the photos were taken through the window, they are clearer than the ones taken the other day because the Hawfinch was much closer today. Very nice!

We did not have as much success on our woodpecker drive, but American Three-toed Woodpeckers are not rare, nowhere near as rare as Hawfinches in the United States, so there was a bit less urgency in that search.

It was great to meet another woman big year birder! Thanks Laura Keene for helping us get together!

One thought on “March 6 – Hawfinch Still in Anchorage

  1. Ann Gilmore March 7, 2017 / 9:19 am

    Lovely photos, Lynn, and good luck to Yve on her Big Year! I imagine that few, if any, previous ABA Big Year attempts have ever included a Hawfinch! Now I want one on our feeders but that is unlikely, sadly.


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