February 15 – Upcoming Big Year Talks and Snow

Tomorrow night I give my second talk on my Alaska big year, this time at Anchorage Audubon. I really enjoy reliving my big year and all its birding adventures. Other upcoming currently scheduled talks to bird groups on my Alaska big year are: Juneau Audubon on March 9th, Fort Worth Audubon (Texas) on April 13, Golden Triangle Audubon (Texas) on April 20, the Kenai Bird Festival on May 20th and Arctic Audubon (Fairbanks) on May 1. Please let me know if your bird group has any interest in having me come talk to them. While I am most happy if my travel expenses are reimbursed, I do not charge an honorarium.

The first thing I saw this morning when I looked out the window was a pile of newly fallen (and still falling) snow under which was my car. We got about 5 inches of quite wet snow, the temperature being about 32 degrees. Bird activity was modest.


Yesterday I went to Spenard Crossing where the usual birds were present. I photographed one of the over 100 Bohemian Waxwings, one of the two Downy Woodpeckers, one of the many Mallards, and some scenery. The sunset picture is from the evening before.


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