February 4 – Recovery Continues

The antibiotics have reduced my fever and are gradually clearing up my head and hopefully my lungs. Today was a beautiful sunny day and most of the lightly frosted branches lost their frost. Until the weather warmed up from the earlier 4 degrees to just over 20 degrees I worked inside, finally getting to work on research on facts about Texas and Alaska for my new book, and doing some actual writing on the book.

In the early afternoon I ventured forth to check out Cuddy Pond today and saw the previously reported Common Merganser, as well as the two Common Goldeneyes and the Mallards.

At Spenard Crossing, the usual woodland birds were around (Black-capped Chickadees, Black-billed Magpies, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Common Redpolls, Common Raven and Downy Woodpecker). Although there are larger openings in the ice on the creek than when I last visited, I did not see the American Dipper that had been there a few weeks ago before the creek had nearly completely frozen over.

It was nice to be out birding for fun and not to just be trying for new species, although I was happy to add the merganser to my non-big-year year list for 2017.


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