January 16 – Six More Inches of Snow and Counting

We kept thinking the snow would eventually stop but so far it has snowed steadily all day. Since Dave has to leave for work tomorrow morning about 6:20, we thought we’d clear the driveway late this afternoon so there would be less to deal with in the morning. When I wade through the snow out in the back yard now, the snow is now about to the tops of my very high boots. It’s the most snow we’ve seen since we moved here in 2014.

All day long I kept going out and brushing snow off the feeders and replenishing the seed but I just could not keep up. The birds often just had to dig in the snow for the seed. I have let the snow pile up on top of the feeder rooftops and covers.


For the first time this winter, a Common Raven came down to the suet feeder on the porch railing and towered over the feeder, rather like a monster towering over a doll-house, as the suet block was demolished.

IMG_0329 (2).JPG

Later a Red-breasted Nuthatch sneaked in for a bit of the other block of suet on the feeder, and Common Redpolls periodically dropped down to the nearby snowy seed feeder and railing for seeds.

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