January 14 – Winter Snow

As forecast, we got about 6 inches of snow overnight. Although there was lots of snow on the ground, the wind took most of it off the branches.


Although I do love to shovel snow (really), we decided it was time to get out our snowblower that we bought last winter and had only used twice last year. It took awhile to clear off my car so we could get it out of the driveway so the whole driveway could be cleared by my hard-working husband before he went off to work the evening shift.

The birds were hungry of course and I swept off the table feeders after I shoveled off the porch and steps so I could get to the feeders. I left some of the covered feeders with their additional snow covering because they looked so picturesque.

IMG_0144 (2).JPG


Although I had planned to go birding this afternoon, I forgot to take my camera long so instead I went to buy more bird seed as I understand more snow is forecast for tomorrow.


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