December 16 – Snow and More Snow to Come

We’ve gotten a bit more snow and more is forecast tonight – just piling on the beauty everywhere. The pictures below were taken at Spenard Crossing this afternoon.






Birds were few and far between at Spenard Crossing. Although I heard a Black-capped Chickadee as I left, the only bird that I saw in the woods was a single Black-billed Magpie.


Near Spenard Rd. a few Mallards gathered on the ice, but then flew over the bridge to the parking lot when I walked along the frozen creek. When I drove into the parking lot later, the Mallards, which had been sitting down spread out over most of the parking lot, all got up and started waddling toward me, expecting food. When they realized no food was forthcoming, they all sat down to wait for someone else to arrive.




307 species so far (tomorrow is the Anchorage Christmas Bird Count – maybe someone will find a rarity)


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