December 14 – Shades of White (Mostly)

My goal early this afternoon was to see if I could find the American Kestrel that has been seen out by the Anchorage airport (I believe). Although I’ve seen a couple of them this year, they were not in Anchorage. All along the road, everything was coated in white rime ice – I just can’t get over how beautiful this makes everything! Although whiteness was everywhere, including on the mountains across the inlet and in the water itself, there were all shades of white, from grayish white, to silvery white, to bluish white to buffy white to golden white, and everything in between. Shown below is a selection from the many, many photos that I took.












On the drive past Point Woronzoff, I did not see any birds at all along the entire road. On my way back, however, I finally saw a single Northern Shrike, first sitting on the airport fence, then hovering high in the air beyond the fence, and then sitting atop a tall tree across the road from the airport, sort of part of the mostly white theme.



My final picture for today is the view of Anchorage across the inlet, a few more colors than just shades of white.


307 species so far


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