December 11 – Ketchikan, Day 3

This morning Steve Heinl and I explored north of the town of Ketchikan, including at a couple of marinas and Jerry Koerner’s birdy yard. Mostly we had juncos everywhere we went. We also had Song Sparrows in most places and Fox Sparrows in a few (not shown).



Among the small numbers of waterfowl seen today was a flock of Common Mergansers at Ward Cove.


In the afternoon I went back to Herring Cove. The usual birds, Steller’s Jays and Dark-eyed Juncos, were most common, but even they weren’t there all of the time. The Varied Thrush put in a periodic appearance as did the Spotted Towhee and Northern Flicker.




Two Eurasian Collared-Doves came in for awhile but left when a car came by.


The two American Dippers were down in the water chasing each other around now that the water level was down somewhat.


On one of my periodic drives back down the road I found the Wilson’s Snipe that has been seen a couple of times the past two days.


I left before the sun had set all of the way today and got many pictures of the beautiful sunset on the drive back to Ketchikan.


307 species so far


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