December 4 – Redpolls and Mountains

I did not have much time for birding today between morning activities, including playing in our church bell choir, and going to the airport in the early afternoon. It was a beautiful cold (-3 degrees) morning and was only up to 2 degrees above zero when I went to the airport at 1:30. The spectacular snow-covered mountains out our living room window made me once again appreciate the location of our home.

The main birds in the yard were the usual Steller’s Jays, Pine Grosbeaks and Common Redpolls. Although some of the redpolls came to the porch to eat, most of them seemed to favor a shelled sunflower seed feeder out in the yard.

IMG_6340 (2).JPG


The sunset as we flew out of Anchorage was also beautiful.


For the first 1/2 hour of the flight (stopping in Cordova and Yakutat on the way to Juneau) the sunset tinted the tops of the mountains beneath us and then was gone. I just cannot get over how beautiful Alaska is!



Tomorrow morning I fly to Ketchikan, to bird of course.

306 species so far



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