November 27 – Yard Bird Reprise Plus

I saw ten species of birds in our yard this afternoon. The usuals were: Black-capped (2) and Boreal (1) Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches (2), Black-billed Magpies (2), flyover Common Ravens (2) (no photo), Steller’s Jays (3), Pine Grosbeaks (10) and Common Redpolls (25).









IMG_5339 (2).JPG

I was delighted to add two species that were new for the season to our yard: American Robins (8) in the backyard trees for awhile (photos even fuzzier than the above redpoll picture), and Bohemian Waxwings (45) flying over and briefly landing in our backyard trees and then flying past our neighbors’ spruce trees.


Tomorrow I leave Anchorage to bird, and am not sure whether I’ll have wifi access, so may not do a post for a day or two.

304 species so far

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