November 25 – Anchorage

Today in addition to watching my feeders, I checked out Spenard Crossing and the neighborhoods around Airport Heights. My feeders were visited by five Steller’s Jays all at once, four of which are shown below (our neighbor’s yard is in the background). Although there were more than 30 Common Redpolls flying around and over the yard and visiting the birch trees, only a few came down to the feeders while I was watching.



At Spenard Crossing, most of the creek and lagoon were frozen over and the bird numbers were way down. I only saw a couple of Common Ravens, a single Black-billed Magpie, six Black-capped Chickadees and fewer than the usual number of Mallards, which were either crowded into the small remaining open water areas or sitting on the snow, waiting for handouts near and in the parking lot.





The same bird species were in the Airport Heights area plus there were also a couple of Boreal Chickadees and Common Redpolls. One of the Common Ravens was the only bird that sat still long enough for me to photograph it.

IMG_5251 (2).JPG

304 species so far

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