November 17 – Feeder Birds

I had too many activities and matters to work on today, so did not leave the house to go birding. Many birds, however, came to me (or rather to our yard) so all was not lost. In addition to the birds shown below that were in our yard today, in or over are yard were Black-billed Magpies, Black-capped and Boreal Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches and Common Redpolls. Shown below are: Pine Grosbeaks (male and female), Downy Woodpecker (on our birch tree near suet feeder and on suet ball feeder), Steller’s Jay (on peanut jar and mealworm feeder made from the base of a hummingbird feeder), and Hairy Woodpecker (on tree next to suet feeder where it had just been and on seed feeder).







IMG_4701 (2)a.jpg


Tomorrow I take a little flight to try for a new bird. Stay tuned.

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