November 11 – Birding Again in Anchorage

In spite of my head-filling cold, I pulled myself out of my soggy misery a bit today and went birding at the Campbell Creek Science Center trails. It was a beautiful sunny day, with temperatures at about freezing. I wore my ice-grippers on my boots and had a very nice brisk walk along the mile road to the Center and back. Along the way, Boreal and Black-capped Chickadees were calling, and a few Common Ravens flew over.



At the Center, one of the Boreal Chickadees was hopping along on the snow, probably wondering where the bird feeders were (not out yet, probably due to the possibility of nonhibernating bears wandering through and being attracted to the feed).



Up on the spruce tree tops, which were heavily laden with cones, a small flock of White-winged Crossbills was silently feeding. This is a species that did not show up last winter in the Anchorage area, but I am glad that they definitely are around now.







IMG_4216 (2)a.jpg


303 species so far

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