October 24 – Crispy Cold in Anchorage

When I woke up this morning, the temperature outside was 8 degrees, but by mid-afternoon it was up to 32 degrees. The only open water at Potter Marsh was the stream flowing a pathway through the snow-covered grass and then across the open area surrounded by ice. The light and the snow were beautiful and the air crisp – very nice for half an hour or so before my fingers started to get cold. I had three species at the marsh – a Black-capped Chickadee heard on the drive in, two Common Ravens flying by and two Bald Eagles flying by.








Later, when I got home and looked outside our living room window it was still beautiful, with the view of the Chugach Mountains and Flat Top Mountain reminding me why we bought this house and moved in exactly two years ago today.


302 species so far

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