October 15 – The Ice Cometh

I took a quick trip to Potter Marsh today. The open water near the boardwalk is frozen over except for the stream’s winding pathway. The only bird seen on my walk to the eastern end of the boardwalk was a single perched Bald Eagle near their nest site.




I figured all the ducks must be gone but on my way back I saw a single Mallard nervously walking about on the ice.


I drove the highway along the marsh and saw more Mallards in open areas of water.


And then I was delighted to see that Trumpeter Swans were still around. I saw a total of 17 of them, including 3 immature-plumaged birds. I expect they will all be gone soon as the ice gradually covers the marsh and I probably will not get more pictures of these photogenic birds until next year.






299 species so far

One thought on “October 15 – The Ice Cometh

  1. Charles Iliff October 16, 2016 / 12:49 am

    Got your phone messsge – better contact for me is cell
    907.315.4406. Easiest directions: Glenn past fairgrounds
    R on Inner Springer, R again, still Inner Springer. Field is on R (east)
    GOOSE was there at 9:30, but gone at 11:00.
    I will check in the early afternoon.
    Kindest regards,
    Chuck Iliff


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