September 28 – More Anchorage Birding

Before birding today, I took a picture out our living room window of the “termination dust” (first snowfall of the season) on the Chugach Mountains, which was there a couple of days ago when I arrived back in Anchorage.


My birding today began at Spenard Crossing in a flurry of American Robins (not snow), on the ground, in the bushes, flying around. As I was taking pictures of them, I realized that one of the birds was different –  I was not looking at an American Robin, but a Varied Thrush, which I had never before seen at Spenard Crossing. Always a joy to see anywhere.





Also at Spenard Crossing were a Common Merganser, five Greater Yellowlegs, and multiple Mallards.



At nearby Westchester Lagoon were more Mallards and many Greater Scaup. I photographed a few Green-winged Teal in the wetland across the trail from the Lagoon, as well as a Wilson’s Snipe and one of a pair of Gadwalls.


IMG_1612 (2)a.jpg

IMG_1619 (2)a.jpg


297 species so far

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