August 3 – High Tide in Anchorage

It was another beautiful morning out at Westchester Lagoon, the nearby trail and inlet.




My goal this morning was to see if there were any interesting shorebirds pushed in closer by the high tide. As I told the passerby who asked if I was seeing anything good, “they are all good”, but today, none of them as far as I could tell were rare. Mostly there were Hudsonian Godwits and dowitchers (presumably Short-billed as most are in Anchorage) and a few Greater Yellowlegs. There was a handful of Bonaparte’s and Mew Gulls.

IMG_7584 (2)A

IMG_7588 (2)A

IMG_7644 (2)A

IMG_7615 (2)A


Other birds around included the usual large number of Red-necked Grebes. The young ones are rapidly approaching adult size and are gaining a bit of color.

IMG_7597 (2)

There were two Sandhill Cranes back in a marsh along the Chester Creek trail and four Canada Geese on the Lagoon.

IMG_7611 (2)A

IMG_7640 (2)A

I am posting this early because I have meetings all afternoon and then the plan for this evening is to head north for a few days for a bit of wandering around birding through Glennallen to the Delta Junction and Tok area. I have been getting tired of limiting my birding to the greater Anchorage area.

288 species so far

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