July 24 – Rainy Day in Anchorage

Because of the steady rain I decided to limit my birding today to at-home birding. It’s been awhile since I spent much time trying to tally our yard birds and I was pleased to find that the number of species that I had there today rivaled most any other place that I have birded lately in the Anchorage area, except maybe for areas with lakes or streams.

For a couple of hours I listened and watched to see what yard birds were around. There were seven species during that time period: Dark-eyed Juncos, a family of six or so mostly scruffy young ones around most of the time sampling various feeders in the yard and on the porch; Black-capped and Boreal Chickadees flitting about and calling; Black-billed Magpies, mostly squawking of young ones in the bushes; Red-breasted Nuthatch at a couple of the feeders; Yellow-rumped Warbler heard periodically out in back; and a couple of scruffy juvenile Steller’s Jays on the porch mealworm and peanut feeders.

IMG_7028 (2)A

IMG_7034 (2)A

IMG_7045 (2)A

IMG_7022 (2)A

IMG_7023 (2)A

IMG_7024 (2)A.jpg

It is supposed to keep raining for days, so I plan to venture forth tomorrow.

288 species so far

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