July 13 – Anchorage Birding

I went to Potter Marsh this morning to see if any new shorebirds had arrived. There were about 15 Greater Yellowlegs, a few Lesser Yellowlegs, a Least Sandpiper and two Wilson’s Snipe.


IMG_6576 (2)A

IMG_6590 (2)A

An Alder Flycatcher was calling constantly, the first I had seen at the marsh itself this year, although they have been around.

IMG_6584 (2)A

Lincoln’s Sparrow young were calling and adults were frantically scolding and finding food for their young.

IMG_6587 (2)A

As an aside, I had a quick fly-by sighting of an unknown finch-sized bird with a very red rump, which I saw as it flew away, never to be seen again. I’m hoping someone sees it again and can figure out what it is.

I’m taking a 3-day trip to southeastern Alaska, beginning this afternoon, and hoping for more new birds. Stay tuned.

286 species so far

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