July 7 – Barrow, Day 3

Today varied from foggy to almost clear to pouring rain to overcast to foggy to high clouds. The birds of course were there no matter the weather, but sometimes difficult to see. The ice bergs were mostly far away to the west forming a thin white line at the horizon, with just a few nearby ones still serving as gull perches.


I did see two different Snowy Owls today, one of which was first seen peering over a small roadside hummock but then hopped up to be more easily seen. The other was far, far away.

IMG_5902 (2)

IMG_5907 (2)A

I also saw two Brant, a female Steller’s Eider and a very distant female Spectacled Eider, all three Jaegers, and many of the same shorebirds and other birds as seen earlier.

IMG_5951 (2)A

IMG_5988 (2)A

IMG_6018 (2)A.jpg

Tomorrow, more Barrow birding.

Still at 285 species for the year

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