June 18 – If at First You Don’t Succeed…

I guess I’ll have to try, try again. Today I was not successful in locating a Wilson’s Phalarope north of Anchorage, past Wasilla, where one had been reported. My main problem was high water, water too high for my boots. After nearly filling my boots with water at the area I had been told was good for the phalaropes, I tried other means of accessing the wetlands but was not able to reach them. It looks like I’ll need to get hip boots or find another place to go.

It was a beautiful day and I did have a very nice woodland walk through lush vegetation and wildflowers, which almost got me to the marsh/lake area. My only Wilson’s bird, however, was a calling and winnowing Wilson’s Snipe. The woods held Dark-eyed Juncos, in addition to Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned Warblers and many noisy Alder Flycatchers.



I’m not sure what my birding plans are for tomorrow and the next few days. Stay tuned.

272 species so far


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