May 16 – Adak, Day 2

Before we left to bird this morning I took a picture of the rental unit, formerly military housing, where we are staying on Adak.


It was a wonderful day with an astounding ten new species! Some were birds than I assumed that I would get for the year, but not all.


In order seen, they were four COMMON EIDERS, my second eider species for the year, with two more to go. BAR-TAILED GODWITS are apparently the most likely godwits on Adak, and we had at least 12 of them at Clam Lagoon. We had about four KITTLITZ’S MURRELETS along with a similar number of Marbled Murrelets (neither well-photographed).

IMG_9448 (2)A.jpg


At a high overlook at an old Loran station, we saw streams, possibly thousands, of distant SHORT-TAILED SHEARWATERS interspersed with possibly fewer NORTHERN FULMARS and maybe seven LAYSAN ALBATROSSES.

After lunch we went to an area called Contractors’ Marsh where we had heard there were two “good” species, and there they were: COMMON SNIPE (2-4) and two RUFFS. Although I took pictures of them flying, none really show the birds very well. We also six lovely Pacific Golden-Plovers.


The last two new birds were a single but well-seen through the spotting scope ARCTIC LOON and a single ANCIENT MURRELET (others seen farther out earlier, but not by me).

IMG_0023 (1).JPG

Of course, we also saw other birds, the most photogenic of which were the Pigeon Guillemots, Black Oystercatchers and Rock Ptarmigans.

IMG_0020 (1).JPG




More Adak birding tomorrow

191 species so far

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