Apr.21 – TEXAS Birding Break, Day 3

Today was a day of driving (about 330 miles) and rain, lots of it. If you have heard any news, you have probably heard about the flooding in the Houston area. It was again/still raining heavily as I passed through Houston on the way from Rockport to Beaumont. Although the rain stopped and gave me a few minutes to bird Sabine, Woods, one of my favorite Texas birding spots, it started up in earnest and I eventually raced to my car and drove to Beaumont (about 40 miles) where I’ve been removing shrink wrap from my books and signing them preparatory to my going to the Golden Triangle Audubon meeting tonight. There I will talk about Birds in Trouble (and maybe sell some books).

So my pictures today are just a few taken at Sabine Woods, including views of Lantana plants, a waterthrush (I’m thinking Northern, but my views were no better than my photos) and a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird at  coral bean flowers.





Tomorrow I’ll drive back to Rockport (maybe after a bit of birding at Sabine Woods if it’s not raining). Saturday morning I’ll head to Austin where I’m scheduled to give a talk at the Book People store at 3 pm.

TEXAS birding only; no new Alaska birds of course

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