Apr. 17 – Signs of Spring Continue

Sometimes going birding brings forth birds; other times such as this morning at Spenard Crossing, it brings forth rhymes:

Mew Gulls sit in pairs; cranes are flying high.
I hear a faint bird song, and another faint reply.
River running free; no ice is in sight.
Green leaves budding forth, growing toward the light.
Fifty-two degrees. I used to think that cold.
Now it is a chance for new life to unfold.

001  002A


The light was beautiful on this Mallard’s head at Spenard Crossing – he really was live and not a decoy.


After Spenard Crossing, I went to Westchester Lagoon and the nearby coastal trail. The Greater Yellowlegs pair was back, and Green-winged Teal and Mallards and Canada Geese were puddling in the mud.



After supper, I did a trip south past Girdwood (where another pair of Greater Yellowlegs had joined the Canada Gees and various ducks) to just past the road to Portage Glacier where there were six Trumpeter Swans, three Red-necked Grebes, a Northern Shrike and a singing Song Sparrow.



On the road to Portage Glacier I walked a bit on the Trail of Blue Ice. Varied Thrushes and American Robins were singing. All along the road the trees were leafing out – a big change from just a couple of days ago. I usually spend time marveling at sunrises, but today it was the sunset.




132 species so far



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