Mar. 16 – Checking Out Various Anchorage Sites

002  006


I woke up this morning to almost two inches of new snow, which was very pretty and then much of it turned to slush in the above-freezing weather. Before the slush happened, I walked out past the Anchorage International Airport, the highlights of the mostly unbirdy walk being a Northern Shrike singing constantly and loudly.


I then went to Ship Creek, saw one of the resident American Dippers, Common Redpolls working the branches of a sapling, Mallards, a Common Goldeneye, a Bald Eagle, and Black-billed Magpies.

025a  026a

I then birded a couple of neighborhoods where there are feeders, and found a couple of American Robins, most of which seem to have departed town when the fruit trees were emptied.


The highlight for me of the morning, however, was when I arrived home to find that the first copies of my new book, Birds in Trouble, had arrived at my doorstep! Should anyone reading this blog be interested in a signed copy, please contact me (

034  037A

123 species so far

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