Feb. 22 -Hawk Owl and Eagle But No Harrier

Today was about walking and nice scenery, and walking and more nice scenery, but not so much about birds as it turned out.


The two areas that I went to today are, as far as I can tell, both part of Point Campbell on the southwest side of Anchorage, but are reached from different roads. I first went to the area past the Anchorage airport at the end of the road that winds around the airport past Point Woronzof. It was my understanding that a Northern Harrier had been seen somewhere out there. After I checked it out, I learned that the harrier had actually been seen farther down the coast. It’s good that I saw the wintering Northern Hawk Owl along the road before I got there, because other than a Common Raven, that was the only bird for that area.




My second walk was at Kincaid Park out the main trail from the chalet toward the coast, a trail that I had not been on before. This was the area that the Northern Harrier had actually been seen. Again, there were no birds seen or heard until my return trip when I spotted a Bald Eagle perched up the hill from me. I plan to go back there to see if I can find the harrier and to see if there are other birds out there during the winter.





110 species so far

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