Feb. 4 – Just Waitin’


No, I’m not really JUST waiting, but it does seem like things have slowed down considerably after the mad rush in January. So far, I am getting out to bird at least a little bit every day. Today I went to Potter Marsh, but most of the flowing water was again covered with ice and birds were mostly not around. The “goshawk tree” from Saturday was empty of birds, and instead of 8 or so Black-billed Magpies, there was one. No other bird species were seen there today.



After that I did a few errands and then checked out Cuddy Park and Spenard Crossing. At both sites there was very little open water, and the Mallards were just waiting for the forbidden handouts, as were Common Ravens and Black-billed Magpies.

007A  009A.jpg


Stay tuned – something will eventually show up that I’ll either find myself or that someone else will find and I decide to chase, if not in Anchorage, then elsewhere in the state. I’m also working up my courage to attempt to go up a mountain somewhere to look for ptarmigan. I tell myself that they are all year-round somewhere in the state so there’s no rush, but I particularly need to look for White-tailed Ptarmigan which is much less likely than the others to be easily found anywhere.

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