Jan. 31 -The Year is 1/12 Over

No new birds today, but I didn’t expect to get anything because I did not have much time to bird. Beginning about 2:30 I did a short drive through the UAA campus, went on an enjoyable 2-mile walk on a part of the Chester Creek Trail in Anchorage, drove through one of the birdier Anchorage neighborhoods, and took a short drive through downtown. It was another blue-sky day, but a bit chillier than yesterday (about 23 degrees). The only birds were some of the commonest winter birds here – Common Raven, Black-billed Magpie, Black-capped and Boreal Chickadee, Pine Grosbeak and Common Redpoll.

002  005

012aA   008

Tomorrow starts a new month of course. It will be difficult to add many birds during the month because it is unlikely any new birds will be arriving into the area until March at the earliest, and most of the birds that are now around that I haven’t yet seen this year aren’t that easily found. I will be trying, however.

105 species for January and for the year – and holding

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