October 13 – The Unrare

Some birders might think it to be the “bottom of the barrel”, but today I took pictures of European Starlings and Rock Pigeons. The latter species is not even officially countable in Alaska (don’t ask – long story), and therefore is not even on my year list. Neither species is on my yard list either but they are both regularly found around many areas in Anchorage. And they are making their debut on my blog today.



I wandered a few more neighborhoods in search of robins and maybe some rarer thrushes, but no other birds were seen in the beautiful fruiting trees.




Also not rare, but definitely a “good” bird, always welcome in my world, was a single Bald Eagle out near Ship Creek.

IMG_2507 (2)a.jpg

Today I also figured out my November travel plans to Barrow, so some progress was made.

299 species so far


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